Mortar & Pestle - White & Grey Marble

This beautiful mortar & pestle that fits just about everyone's taste and style. Made to crush herbs and spices in order to release their full flavors, this mortar and pestle is a culinary classic that’s sure to make your next home-cooked meal even better.

Overall size:

Mortar: 2" H x 3" Dia.

Pestle: 4.5" L


  • food-safe, easy to clean
  • hand-crafted with unique striations or veins in a variety of colors
  • made of white and grey marble

Care: Hand wash with mild soap. Do not soak for long period of time. Do not put in refrigerator or freezer.

As a result of its artisanal nature, each product is unique - size and color might vary slightly. Any irregular aspect is a guarantee of its natural and authentic source.

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