Grade I - Pattern: 3131

Fabric Sample Swatch 

Blend: 100% POLYESTER
Durability Rating: Heavy Duty
Clean code: WS
Clean with shampoo, foam or dry cleaning solvents. Do not saturate with any liquid. Pile fabrics may require brushing to restore appearance. Cushion covers should not be removed and laundered.
STAIN RESISTANT: Treat stains and spills quickly by first blotting with a clean damp cloth which will remove most if not all stain. If needed, prepare mixture of mild dish soap with water and finish cleaning. Then rinse very thoroughly as soap residue will attract dirt.
EXTRA DURABLE: All performance fabric plus fabrics exceed industry standards for heavy duty or contract heavy duty use. All constructed from durable fibers and made for high wear ability.
LIQUID REPELLENTCY: Inherently designed to repel liquids. Spills will bead up and roll right off… never penetrating the fabric. Then you can simply blot dry if needed .
ODOR RESISTANCE: Silver Ion Technology resists microbial development and and inhibits odor causing bacteria .

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