Aura Candle - Gardenia + Lemongrass

The sweet dreamy balance of gardenia and lemongrass creates a feeling of bliss, perfect for a vibrant sun-basked day.

The sun rolls over painted valleys and freshly cut grass; it touches your skin warming you from within. Graceful floral and feminine daydreams transport you to sunny weekends at farmer’s markets, brunches and long, slow mornings spent in bed.

Cozier candles use only premium waxes that are 100% natural, responsibly grown and harvested. We use premium coconut wax that is minimally blended with soy wax to help solidify at room temperature.  The wick is 100% natural wood, sourced from native, sappy fruit trees - perfect for that campfire crackle. 

Handmade and poured in Los Angeles 
due to the unique hand made nature, each item may differ slightly

100% natural . vegan . non toxic . sustainable
no paraffin, pesticides, parabens, and phthalates
10 oz . burns up to 100 hours
Jar measures approx. 3" x 3" x 4"

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