Akin Candle - Tobacco + Darjeeling

Akin combines scents of tobacco and darjeeling reminiscent of childhood. A smoky and earthy aroma perfect for a comforting and calming night in.

Basked in a cover of tree foliage and leaf-painted skies, step into a sense of comfort and grounded familiarity. Warm and smoky cedarwood scents lead you indoors nestled by a fireplace with a good book and a loved one’s embrace.

Cozier candles use only premium waxes that are 100% natural, responsibly grown and harvested. We use premium coconut wax that is minimally blended with soy wax to help solidify at room temperature.  The wick is 100% natural wood, sourced from native, sappy fruit trees - perfect for that campfire crackle. 

Handmade and poured in Los Angeles 
due to the unique hand made nature, each item may differ slightly

100% natural . vegan . non toxic . sustainable
no paraffin, pesticides, parabens, and phthalates
10 oz . burns up to 100 hours
Jar measures approx. 3" x 3" x 4"

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