Lena Handblown Pitcher - Ocean

The innovative, ethical practices used in the production process create intricate, high-quality glass pieces and minimize environmental footprint through the use of alternative energy sources. 

Capacity: 30.4 oz

Size: 5.5” wide x 3.5” deep x 9.45” high


  • artisanal: traditional handblown technique
  • sustainable: 95% recycled glass & 5% raw materials
  • unique: color palette, organic shape 
  • durable: dishwasher safe

The Xaquixe glass collection is hand-blown from up-cycled glass collected by the local communities surrounding Oaxaca, Mexico. As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, the studio has designed a heat recovery system to reuse waste heat and is pioneering the use of bio fuels to fuel the furnaces and eliminate dependence on propane. Each hand-blown glass piece varies slightly in color and form, telling the unique story of the individual who crafted it. 


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